Talbot Avenue Bridge Design and Traffic Mitigation

Courtesy Purple Line

The traffic committee has made some headway on the Talbot Avenue Bridge design issue—the fencing will now be faux-wrought iron backed by chain-link over CSX tracks (two-thirds) and by plexiglass over Purple Line tracks (one-third). Previous designs featured plexiglass across the entire bridge and, later, only chain link over the CSX tracks. Note: The plexiglass and chain link in the current design are elements required by Purple Line and CSX standards.

We are also working with Lyttonsville and Rosemary Hills to set up traffic mitigation discussions with Montgomery County Department of Transportation for when the new Talbot Bridge opens. Stay tuned for future meeting notices.

Neighbors who are interested in working on the Traffic and Safety Committee on these and other traffic/pedestrian safety issues can contact the co-chairs.