Block Parties

In September 2019, Luzerne Avenue hosted its Annual Labor Day Block party with a parade and festivities—a beloved North Woodside tradition for thirty years that always has a great turnout of kids and families. This year several residents of the 2000 block of Luzerne organized the event, including Genevieve McDowell Owen, Cheryl Copeland and Susanna Drayne.

The annual parade of kids riding their bikes and scooters down the street started the afternoon. The popular baking competition followed, with a line stretching almost to the street full of people eagerly awaiting to try the sweet treats. Eileen O’Connor’s gooey chocolate bars won the popular vote in the adult division, and Bridget Drayne won first place in the kid division for her chocolate cake.

After the bake-off, the day continued with the sticky fun jell-o fight, which is always a big hit with the younger kids. Then the talent show commenced with many little children singing their hearts out. The day ended with the potluck cookout hosted by the Dirksens on the corner of Glen Ridge and Luzerne. Overall the day was a rousing success, creating many fun and happy memories, and ended summer 2019 well.

— Ellie Owen