Well-Attended Annual Meeting Held At Woodlin

The North Woodside Montgomery Hills Citizens Association convened its annual meeting at Woodlin Elementary School on Wednesday, May 17.

One of the main orders of business was electing association officers. By voice vote, the following roles were approved: Geoff Gerhardt, president (left); David Cox, vice president; Anne Kennedy, secretary; Jim Mannion, treasurer; and Scott Hensley, editor of The Beacon. Geoff Gerhardt gave an update on the activities of the association and led a discussion about the various construction projects and traffic issues in the neighborhood, including the closure of the Talbot Avenue bridge. (See page 1 for more information.) Jim Mannion reviewed the association’s finances and encouraged people to pay their annual dues.

Our guest speaker was Reemberto Rodriguez, director of the Silver Spring Regional Service Center. Rodriguez is an enthusiastic advocate for our neighborhood and downtown Silver Spring. He talked about how increasing residential density downtown is leading to more foot traffic and a livelier feel, day and night. He acknowledged that the construction that is transforming downtown can also make it difficult at times to navigate the streets by car and to find places to park.

The association has inquired about the possibility of getting a Capital Bikeshare station located in the county owned parking lot across Seminary Road from Snider’s Super Foods. Rodriguez was supportive of the idea. After the meeting he suggested in an email to a county official that a bikeshare station shouldn’t be contingent on a revised sector plan for the Montgomery Hills business district along Georgia Avenue.

With Rodriguez’s encouragement, the association is exploring the idea of holding a food truck fair in the parking lot. Local merchants would also be encouraged to participate. The association still needs to find out if the idea is feasible.