20% Discount on Mosquito Traps – Order Now!

Our Woodside neighbors across Georgia Avenue have their own version of our North Woodside Mosquito Busters project. Called WOMP (WOodside Mosquito Project) they have set up a website providing information and an easily accessible order form to purchase the traps at a 20% discount. The group has graciously looped us in on their project.  We are so grateful! 

How to order? Visit WOMP’s website. It takes just seconds to order – with  a variety of payment options.  Deadline for this exclusive 20% discount expires March 31, 2022. Distribution of purchased traps (some time in April) will be coordinated by WOMP.  It is advised that our traps be set up in early May.  

To date, we have 95 households in North Woodside participating in our program. Haven’t signed on yet to be a North Woodside Mosquito Buster?  You can do so here.

Learn more about the North Woodside Mosquito Buster project.