Neighbor Raises Funds for Refugees from Ukraine in Moldova

Over 2 million refugees have fled Ukraine in less than two weeks. While over half of them have gone to Poland, more than 230,000 refugees have poured into Moldova, a country the size of Maryland with a population of just 2.6 million; Moldova has welcomed more refugees per capita than any other country. For a sense of scale, this is akin to 30 refugee families suddenly arriving in North Woodside and needing neighbors to provide food, shelter, clothes, diapers, legal and medical services, and more. For more information about the refugee situation in Moldova, a couple recent news articles:

Ukrainian refugees pour into Moldova, one of Europe’s poorest and smallest countries

Moldova issues plea for aid as Ukraine war brings multiple crises

North Woodside resident Lilian Pintea grew up in Moldova and his mother and many close family members live there. Last week he sent out a private appeal to neighbors for donations to support refugee relief efforts in Moldova. Dozens generously responded and this week he was able to wire the funds to Moldova to be put to immediate use. He has set up a public gofundme page to raise additional funds.

Those wishing to support refugee relief efforts have many worthy options to choose from. If you would like to support refugee efforts at the local level in Moldova and receive updates on how the funds are being used, consider supporting this neighbor’s gofundme campaign.