3rd Annual Talbot Avenue Bridge Lantern Walk

Two North Woodside residents light their lantern candles before the commencement of the 3rd Annual Talbot Avenue Bridge Lantern Walk on November 14, 2020.

As darkness fell, North Woodside, Lyttonsville, and Rosemary Hills neighbors walked—carrying lanterns, ringing bells, and listening to a recording of This Little Light of Mine—along the mile route from one side of the Talbot Avenue Bridge construction site in North Woodside to the other in Lyttonsville, neighborhoods once divided by racial segregation. Lifelong Lyttonsville resident Charlotte Coffield came out and waved as the procession passed by, and David Cox, NWCA President, and Pat Tyson (Lyttonsvillle) joined those who shared eloquent remarks at the end.

For more photos and details, click here.

Event organized by the Talbot Avenue Bridge Committee.

2nd Annual Talbot Avenue Bridge Lantern Walk

The historic Talbot Avenue Bridge has been demolished and the new one is yet to be built, so the 2nd Annual Lantern Walk honored the legacy of the Bridge connecting adjoining neighborhoods, while not actually crossing over it.

On Saturday, November 9, 2019, neighbors from Lyttonsville, North Woodside, and Rosemary Hills and friends gathered at dusk behind the Coffield Community Center for a few remarks and lighting of lanterns. As darkness fell, they carried their lights in a procession around the Rosemary Hills-Lyttonsville Local Park, returning to where they started for light refreshments and hot beverages. See below for a gallery of photos taken by Jay Mallin.

Many thanks to North Woodside’s local community artist extraordinaire, Bertie LoPiccolo, for leading a lantern-making workshop at the Coffield Community Center earlier in the day. Both events were organized by the Talbot Avenue Bridge Committee.

See photos of last year’s inaugural Talbot Avenue Bridge Lantern Walk and Lantern-Making Workshop here.