North Woodside Egg Hunt 2023

This year our egg hunt will take place on April 15, 2023, at 10 am at the Yeshiva Field. It is the weekend after Easter because we know many families may be traveling during spring break. RSVP is not required but is appreciated so we can make sure to have enough eggs and crafts for the kids.

If you want to donate any eggs are candy you may drop them off at the address below. And if you are interested in volunteering to pack and distribute eggs or with craft please email Luisa at the email below. Looking forward to seeing everyone this year!

Spring Egg Hunt

Dear Neighbors,

Please join us for a Spring Egg Hunt for North Woodside neighbors on Saturday, April 16th, starting at 10 am at Yeshiva field. The egg hunt itself is only 10 minutes, so don’t be late! We will also have crafts for the kids and the Easter bunny will make an appearance. To donate (plastic eggs, candy, crafts, baskets, decor) or to volunteer (hide eggs and set up craft) contact Luisa at the email address below.

Please RSVP with the number of children attending via this link or the QR code on the flyer below. 

This community event is open to all, whether your family celebrates Easter or not. Please help us spread the word, especially to those neighbors who might not be plugged into the listserv. 

We hope to see you there!