Chalk Art Festival Gallery

Behold some of the artistic “submissions” to the first North Woodside Chalk Art Festival…

A walking tour of Chalk Art Festival on Luzerne Ave. Video by David Finkel.

And a gallery of photos from around the neighborhood:

“Happy Summer” on Elkhart St; Big Foot footprints on Grace Church Rd; Butterflies on Luzerne Ave; and a shark on Luzerne Ave.

Chalk Art Festival Commences!

A young artist on Luzerne Ave perfects a drawing of a shark on the first day of the North Woodside Chalk Art Festival.

Today is the first day of the North Woodside Chalk Art Festival!

What will we see on the sidewalks as we wander the neighborhood?  

The weather is perfect and all you need is chalk and inspiration! 

Join in and share your work via our neighborhood listserv or Facebook page! We’ll also be posting a gallery of photos here later this week.

North Woodside Chalk Art Festival

I walk through North Woodside pretty much every day with my dog Charlie and one of the great joys I get is admiring the local hieroglyphics we find on our walks etched on our sidewalks in chalk.

Sometimes they are rainbows.  Other times airplanes and dinosaurs.  And yet others, they are shiny happy stick people.   But the art is always wonderful and joyous!

I’d like to encourage a celebration of local creativity in the neighborhood as we kick off the first official week of summer and challenge folks young and old to break out the chalk and draw on the sidewalk the week of June 20.   It can be silly or monumental.  The artists can be adults or kids (or adult children).   What is important is to share some color and art with other folks in the neighborhood!

Then I’d like folks to take pictures of their chalk and share them – we can post to the NWCA Facebook site or Listserv.

Who’s in?   Let’s get ready to draw!

— Mike Wassenaar (Grace Church Rd.)

Update: Check out the gallery of Chalk Art Festival photos!